OG Pt3: More control sharing your WordPress site with Yoast SEO plugin

This is part 3 of a continuing series:
Part 1: Duplicate Open Graph Meta Tags and the Facebook Open Graph Object Debugger
Part 2: Facebook Open Graph Object Debugger and the Share App ID Missing Warning

Now we are at the point where you can control and see the improved results of your Facebook shares.

The final warning that should be fixed revealed by the Facebook Open Graph Object Debugger is the Inferred Property warning above.

Before explicitly setting the home page title and description, Facebook displayed the complex pieces of the web site the best it could. You may agree this is not optimal.

To optimize this, edit your home page (or any other posts or pages as well are configurable). Scroll down to the Yoast section. You may need to check it in the screen options at the top of the editor and/or open up the actual section if it is not expanded.

Click on the share icon on the left, and select the Facebook tab. Fill out the title and description fields to your preference. I overrode the defaulted displayed image in the first post of this series [Duplicate Open Graph Meta Tags and the Facebook Open Graph Object Debugger], but if you want more granular control or per post/page this would also be the place to do it.

Note: the image dimensions make a difference.

A 2nd example:

Update (Save) the page and you should be set. Big improvement in my opinion.

FYI, after you make these changes, re-scrape the page: