Installing ubuntu-restricted-extras

The Ubuntu Gnome-Software Center does not show all available software such as technical packages

Kernels, console apps, etc. will not show up.

This may be a feature, but some consider it a bug. I consider it yet another good reason to use the command line which is better.

You can see by the description above ubuntu-restricted-extras is very useful to the desktop experience.

To install from the command line:

# apt -y install ubuntu-restricted-extras

You may run into a hitch when the Microsoft EULA comes up. Use tab to move forward, shift-tab to move in reverse. Use space to select/click the OK button.

If you somehow miss the EULA and need to be prompted again:

# apt –purge –reinstall install ttf-mscorefonts-installer

If you need to remove ubuntu-restricted-extras:

# apt show ubuntu-restricted-extras
# apt show ubuntu-restricted-addons

Important: Take note of all the ‘Recommends:’ packages

# apt remove ubuntu-restricted-extras ubuntu-restricted-addons
# apt remove [all the recommended packages]

To get rid of the installed dependencies for the recommended packages:

# apt autoremove [all the recommended packages]

To reinstall:

# apt -y install ubuntu-restricted-extras